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  1. Liz Price

    Love the little glimpses of your work – wondering what is DMC colours you are using?
    (Good to see you are on the mend from your domestic encounters – always said house work was bad for you)

  2. La Bastidane

    Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I’m sorry but I’ve lost the label of the DMC Perlé. The linen color is L 967 and L 760.
    If my memory is good enough the Perlé 8 are #758 #754 #352 #922 or Anchor 8 Pearl number 9 or 10
    And yes, I know now that housework is too dangerous for me.
    Best regards

  3. fabienne

    Ça me plaît!!!!!! C’est vraiment doux à l’oeil!!!